Community and Environment

We are a community of businessmen, friends, and partners at the same time. We expect of each other the best and expect absolute loyalty and dedication

Who is NORDSON and what do they do?

 NORDSON Commodities is a network of companies working together to reach the same objective.

Corporate Philosophy

Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.

                                 – Richard Branson

– Richard Branson




Amaro Edson - CEO


Fabrício Oliveira


Victor Cesar Manglioni Junior



NORDSON LIMITED™ – Does not authorize any person or company to request on its behalf any advance of payment, money or any warrant issue. Any and all documentation should de authorized by and through corporate e-mail to our official company e-mail; or letter always holding the signature of two corporate officers. The Accredited Officers of NORDSON LIMITED™ should follow the international standards of Non-disclosure and Security indicated by (ICC600 PARIS) and only send documents via corporate e-mail recognized by NORDSON LIMITED™. NORSON LIMITED™ is not responsible for e-mails, collections, presentations, business requests and others that are not directly recognized by corporate e-mail of its company or administration. Any questions can be clarified through the e-mail and contact form of this site.

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