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Community and Environment

We are a community of businessmen, friends, and partners at the same time. We expect of each other the best and expect absolute loyalty and dedication

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Who is NORDSON and what do they do?

 NORDSON Commodities is a network of companies working together to reach the same objective.

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Corporate Philosophy

Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.

                                 – Richard Branson

– Richard Branson


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Who is Part of our Network?

As by now you must have observed or noticed, we are a conglomerate of companies, a network of business and corporations. We are not one we are many. that means that we represent a lot of people that can help you, or can become the seller of what you need or want. therefore, as you visit this, web page, you are allowed to know some of our partners, network, participants, as well as friends that all work together to make it possible for us to guarantee our and your success no matter the deal. Nonetheless, to access this page we need to know who you are. You must be invited.


Our Corporate Officers

The Denominated Corporate Members are part of the Corporate Council of the Company Chaired by its Founder and Majority Partner. Although the vote of the members can not overlap the orders of its president, it is of immeasurable importance for exchange of opinions and valuable advice for the determination of how, when and how far.





Please notice that all our documents are electronic certified and hold code bars, therefore, once you receive any of our documents, and would like to be sure that this document is actual y sent by us, please verify through this link the code bar Certificate of Authenticity and document by proving the code given to you when accessing the page and later the document authenticity certify. If it is ours the code bar in your document should reflect the cod in the certification page opened on this web page.



Do Business With NORDSON


For us to do business we need you to help us understand who you are. We are as mentioned above a corporation of multiple companies and businessmen, therefore, we are responsible for each and every one that we accept to do business with us. As a result, we need you to answer to questions, and send us some documents before we start working! is that possible? If so, let do business. 



Corporate Legal Sector


We are an exclusive group of lawyers, Barristers, and solicitors working all together to guarantee success for our Client, NORDSON. We specialize in corporations, Banking and Internacional Commercial Law. Contents. In the profession include Global Legal Studies. Creating and analysing Contracts, financial instruments, and when necessary litigation, among other things.


Due diligence & Regulatory Compliance


Our team conducts thorough reviews of a client’s bids, purchase of Gold and Diamond requests as well as demands. We provide comprehensive information to our Board of Directors and to the Commercial Sector. We also identify the risks, Fraud, and contractual liabilities and offer advice on mitigation measures.




Amaro Edson - CEO


Victor Cesar Manglioni Junior





Registered office address:

21 Knightsbridge, 3rd Floor, Office 5, London, England, SW1X 7LY

Phone: +44 20 3287 7057

Trading address:

235-237 Vauxhall Bridge Road Carlyle House, Lower Ground Floor London SW1V 1EJ

Phone: +44 203 196 5460


Corporate e-mails:

Message sent successfully!

NORDSON LIMITED™ – Does not authorize any person or company to request on its behalf any advance of payment, money or any warrant issue. Any and all documentation should de authorized by and through corporate e-mail to our official company e-mail; or letter always holding the signature of two corporate officers. The Accredited Officers of NORDSON LIMITED™ should follow the international standards of Non-disclosure and Security indicated by (ICC600 PARIS) and only send documents via corporate e-mail recognized by NORDSON LIMITED™. NORSON LIMITED™ is not responsible for e-mails, collections, presentations, business requests and others that are not directly recognized by corporate e-mail of its company or administration. Any questions can be clarified through the e-mail and contact form of this site.

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